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Polished Concrete Flooring

There is nothing quite as impressive as a beautifully-polished concrete flooring in a residential, commercial, or industrial space. In fact, high-gloss polished concrete flooring is one of today’s hottest trends. Polished concrete flooring is elegant, low maintenance, slip resistance, scratch and scuff resistant, and durable.

Polished concrete flooring is the perfect cost-effective option for rejuvenating existing concrete, adding years of useful life to your floors.

Unlike carpet or hardwood floors, professionally polished concrete flooring will not need to be replaced or refinished after a few years, they never go out of style, and they add value to any home or commercial building.

Polished concrete is an excellent choice for basement floors, high traffic hallways, garages, industrial warehouses, schools, malls and office buildings. Polished concrete floors also offer myriad design possibilities. New or existing floors can be dyed to match any color scheme. In addition to the look of natural shades of grey, concrete is available in a range of colors from bold reds and oranges, to soft blues and greens, to earth tones that blend with any decor. They can also be scored and various colors used to create borders, logos, and other designs that mimic the look of terrazzo at a fraction of the cost.